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This class is aimed at children and teenagers from 11 to 16 years.


'When the mind is calm, it allows us to be our best because we then have the space inside ourselves to explore and be creative, and reach our full potential'.


This Yoga class is specifically for the needs of Teenagers, teaching them yoga postures, breath awareness and meditation exercises.


The classes are designed to give young people some time to connect with themselves and give them space to be present and calm and encourage balance in their life.


It is so important for young people to look after themselves physically and emotionally and have the tools to do that, giving them increased confidence and independence.


I make the classes fun, incorporating games into a class as often teenagers spend a lot of time having to concentrate at school and this gives them an opportunity to be playful and unwind but within a structured setting.


My classes are about giving teenagers time to rest their bodies and mind, time to connect with others in a non competitive setting where you can be yourself in a safe and supportive space.


Regular Yoga classes can help with:


• Increased vitality and energy

• Confidence and raising self esteem.

• Calmer mind and increased focus and concentration.

• Skills to help them manage exam stress

• Being in the present moment.

• Learning to be happy and healthy in their bodies.

• Suppleness, strength and balance in their growing bodies.

• Time to be still and rest body and mind.

• Yoga can be a great addition to other sporting interests.

• Learning mindful meditation and visualisation techniques.

• Learning to make right choices for themselves.

• To feel grounded and balanced.

• Breathing techniques for relaxation.


Each term we will focus on a theme for example ‘yoga and managing stress’, ‘yoga for sports’, ‘yoga and emotions’, ‘yoga and balance’, ‘yoga and relaxation’ so they have time to learn about a certain area of yoga, and how it can relate to them in a very personal and real way in their day to day lives.

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