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I first discovered Yoga whilst living in Bondi, Australia in 2005. The local class was run by Sylvie Fernandes from the Bondi Beach Iyengar Yoga Institute.  She was a wonderful teacher and I felt instantly at home and became fascinated by the idea of connecting physical postures to the breath.


Having a background in Dance (BA hons in Performing Arts) it felt like a very natural progression and I loved the feeling behind using the breath like a thread that joins the body and mind bringing balance and harmony.


After regular visits to her classes I began to feel a positive change in myself. It was such a real and emotional experience I could only describe it as feeling like I had ‘come home’.


Yoga practice began to filter out into my daily life.  I felt more balanced, connected and spacious in my mind and body.


As my practice has continued I have come to realise that Yoga is not only about what you do on your mat but in its broader sense it's about life and how we choose to respond and react to the world around us, which has helped me deal positively with sometimes challenging everyday situations.

Qualifications & Current teaching


I qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2008 from the ‘Devon School of Yoga’ where I studied for 2 years on their 200hr Teacher Training Foundation Course. The training gave me a complete grounding in all aspects of yoga as well as encouraging my own personal teaching style and growth as a teacher.


I have been teaching adult Yoga classes in and around London for ten years, I currently teach at:  Nizels Country Club near Sevenoaks, Flow Yoga in Tunbridge Wells (  and the Causeway Hall Arts and Social Centre in Chiddingstone, Kent.


I am also fully qualified to teach Yoga to Children and Teens. I trained with ‘Calm for Kids’ in London with Christiane Kerr.  Since qualifying with Christiane, she has also asked me back to help assist her in training Teachers on her Teenage Workshop Course, which was an absolute honour and a privilege.


I am truly excited to be able to teach and share my love of yoga with children and young adults.

I am fully accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals  and the Independent Yoga Network (IYN)

CRB Checked and a First Aider

My core teaching practices are:


  • Creating a safe space on your mat.

  • Being gentle with yourself and promoting self care physically and emotionally.

  • Trusting your own journey and approaching life with positivity and openness.

  • A strong focus on connection to breath and pranayama

  • Embracing quiet time  and feeling comfortable in stillness.


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