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Suitable for beginner and intermediate level.


Alicia's classes will encourage stillness, restoring the senses, creating awareness of breath and developing vitality, balance and calm on and off the mat.


Alicia also incorporates dynamic vinyasa style sequences to increase suppleness, stamina and strength for a well rounded practice, where moving with the breath is key to unlocking and opening up body and mind.


The classes allow the student space to work on their own awareness and to let them be more intuitive with their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Strong focus on yoga postures (asanas)  conscious breathing (pranayama) and meditation.


Alicia's classes allow you the space to explore and connect Yoga to your daily life and encouraging self practice in a gentle and safe way.

In line with government guidelines at present you must bring your own Yoga mat and any props you feel  you may need.


Wear loose comfortable clothing and try not to eat anything too heavy before  a class.

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