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This class is specifically aimed at children in Senior or Key Stage 2 at Primary School - ages 7-11.


Alicia teaches children the basics of Yoga incorporating the Yoga postures, Breath awareness and relaxation which allows them to rest their bodies and minds after a busy day at school.


I use games, music, stories and free movement/play in my classes to encourage creativity, exercise and connection. It’s a time for children to have fun, relax and engage with themselves and others in a safe space.


Yoga encourages children to be in the present moment and to connect with themselves physically and emotionally and to listen, respect and learn from other children.


It can help increase attention span and focus, reduce stress or anxiety whilst boosting memory, creativity and also balance their energy levels whilst encouraging mindfulness.


Regular yoga classes can help children with their overall health and mental wellbeing.  It is well known  that childhood obesity is on the rise due to our radical change in lifestyle and culture. Children spend more time indoors and less time being physically active. Even if you have an active child yoga can still help develop overall strength and flexibility in their growing bodies which can compliment their other activities giving a healthy balance to their life.


Yoga is also very beneficial for children’s mental wellbeing, often we are unaware of children being stressed or anxious but children do worry about things, and yoga gives them the tools to manage their own emotions and feel more content and calm in themselves.


Alicia's classes are about encouraging what is unique and special in your child, to give them the confidence to make 'right choices' and help them to grow up with a healthy attitude to mind and body and ‘Rise and Shine’ in their own way.

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